HR Onsite Services


Create job descriptions
We will interview employees to determine what they do on a daily/weekly/monthly basis. We will also interview the managers to confirm the information. The job descriptions are then written up and submitted for approval to management and confirmed with the employees. Employees are instructed on how to follow the job description.

Assist employees in understanding their job functions, based on new job descriptions
Employees are productive when they know what they have to do and why. Once the job descriptions are created, the employees are instructed on understanding how their job relates to the description. All training needed to follow the job is determined and given to the manager.

Create interview and reference checking guides
Resume analysis and reference checking techniques are addressed, interview techniques are taught and interview guides are created to assist managers in this function of their job.

Assist manager(s) in interviewing for new hires 
Hiring an employee is one of the most important jobs a manager has and one of the least understood. If an employee leaves in the first 12 months, it costs the company 3-4 times their salary. Based on the job descriptions, managers are given guidance in avoiding future hiring failures.

Assist in assessment, selection and induction in the hiring process
Being able to ensure that your employees and applicants have the skills, attributes and attitudes necessary for success is essential. We can provide you with legal, valid and reliable, standardized assessments for any purpose or job role. Many can be performed on-line or are self-scorable in-house requiring no specialized software or added mailing costs and delays.

Provide psychometric assessment to determine a person’s fit with the job
Personality assessment determines if the candidate/employee is willing to perform the job productively over a long period of time. Just because a person can do a job doesn’t mean they will do a job. Using a validated online assessment tool you are able to predict a candidate’s level of success on the job, before you hire them.

Create a performance system that works for the company
All employees need to know how they are doing, and managers need to know how the staff is doing. This is done through a performance review that is conducted annually. The performance review is created using the job descriptions as a basis with added areas such as goals and future growth suggestions.

Conduct exit interviews on exiting employees
When an employee leaves, an exit interview needs to be conducted. The exit interview identifies areas of improvement for the management team and areas of strength, based on that employees perception of their time with the company. It is better to have an outside person conduct these interviews as people are freer with their feelings.

Create health and safety policies
All business which have functions that are impacted by health and safety regulations need to have policies to protect the employee and the business. These are created with the help of the management team and key employees. All employees are instructed in their use and sign a document stating awareness and compliance.

Create confidentiality forms
After interviewing the management team for areas of confidentiality, a form will be created for the employees to sign. It will have in it the consequences for breaking the confidential rules that were created.

Create a recognition policy
Employees are self motivated, and this motivation is often supported by the company with recognition and rewards. Policies should be created to support this principle and to guarantee fair and consistent recognition.

Create a corrective action policy
When an employee does something that is not correct there are two choices. One is to re-train the employee and the other is to work on changing the unacceptable behaviour. A proper correction policy needs to be in place so that employees know the consequences of poor performance.

Source out health and dental benefit providers
As the business grows, the management team will want to provide additional benefits such as health and dental plans. The sourcing out of these plans can be tedious and time consuming.

Source out group RRSP plans
It is becoming more and more difficult to keep good long term employees happy at their work place. An excellent benefit that you can provide is an RRSP plan to assist them in saving for retirement. The RRSP can also be used to defer taxes on any bonus/profit sharing that your employees may receive. By setting up a voluntary plan for your staff they take responsibility for investment decisions. What a great way to offer some financial security to your team!

Provide labour relations expertise as needed
If there are problems that require labour relations interventions, the management team needs to call on someone with that expertise. All the areas will be provided.

Train the employees and manager(s) in customer service skills
Customer service skills will make or break a company. All training is conducted on site, using critical incidents from the business. Outlines can be obtained from Customer Service outline          

Train manager(s) on the use of the performance system
Performance reviews if done poorly will become a liability, not a benefit to the manager and the employee. Training on how to conduct the review is critical for a motivating environment. Outlines can be obtained from Performance Management outlines 

Train employees how to prepare for performance reviews
An employee needs to know how to prepare for the performance review. The writing of successes and failures throughout the year assists in the meeting itself. 
Outlines can be obtained from Preparing for the performance review outline

Train manager(s) on providing on-going feedback throughout the year
Feedback on performance provides the employee a clear picture of their successes and opportunities. The managers will be able to document these as ABC’s, (Activity, Behaviour and Consequence), and keep a file over the year which will make the performance review an easy process. Outlines can be obtained from  Providing feedback outline

Coach manager(s) on their performance
Often managers behaviour causes employees to feel undervalued. Or the manager wishes to be coached on their future skills. Coaching is a specialized function, with one-on-one meetings, in person or on the telephone. 

HR Onsite Testimonial


Chris Pohlkamp and Nova Training helped us to design a complete Company Policy Manual, Mission Statement, Value and Goal Statements and Non-Compete Clauses. Working with Chris was easy yet she challenged us constantly to get it done and implemented. Within 3 weeks we had completed most of the work and she stayed with us to present it to our employees. We now have a legal working footprint for our company that can help us to guide our decision making and give our employees the power to make decisions guided by our company Mission, Value and Goals. Thank you Chris.