New workshops


A few new workshops are now available:

Work-Life Balance Executive session
In this one day session, Managers and staff can set up the expectations of work-life balance in their work place. The days topics include the link to the corporate vision/value/mission statement, identifying benefits and barriers and creating solutions with action statements.

Work-Life Balance, In this one day workshop participants go through a stress inventory to determine their work life balance situation. They also learn about prioritizing and saying no. The participants are able to determine common factors that affect work life balance and create a template for what their personal needs are.

Communicating While Under Stress
In this one day workshop the learner gets a chance to learn how stress governs communication and how to communicate while under stress. Stress management is discussed as well.

Kids have Stress Too
This session is a one day program designed to assist parents in dealing with their children’s stress. Ages 2-7 are addressed. This can be held as a ½ day info driven session as well, and all participants leave with a booklet of handy stress reducing activities for their children. Organizations find this course to be beneficial as it decreases children’s stress (with the parents help) which then decreases absenteeism of their parents.

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